Effective Housing Assistance & Small Business Help

Turn to Blue Springs - Hoke County Community Development Corporation in Raeford, North Carolina, for impressive housing assistance and small business help. We aim to increase the quality of life of Raeford-Hoke County citizens through a myriad of comprehensive community economic development (CED) principles and practices. We are also a HUD Approved counseling agency providing pre- and post homeownership counseling services and financial literacy education.


For more than 20 years, we have worked continuously to address the needs and concerns of the communities we serve. Our services help historically disadvantaged people gain access to basic needs, including safe, decent, and affordable shelter, as well as living wage jobs and social and economic justice. We offer:

  • Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Community-Based Partnerships
  • Rural Issues Solutions Advocacy
  • Community Assistance & Support
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism Programs
  • Comprehensive Business Development Assistance & Support
  • Community Problem Solving Approaches to End Homelessness
  • Affordable Home-Ownership Purchase Opportunities